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  • The championship will be governed by the PBA using their accredited referees.

  • All boxers must pass the necessary medical examination prior to weigh in.

  • £15 entry fee will be payable on weighing in. All boxers will receive a commemorative competitors T-shirt.

  • Competitors may move weight class if they weigh light/heavy at the first weigh in. However, this weight must be maintained throughout the competition.

  • Depending on entry numbers the boxer may be required to box a maximum of 2 bouts in one day.

  • All bouts will be judged by 3 judges using manual scoring cards.

  • All bouts will comprise of 3 rounds of 2 minute duration.

  • 16oz gloves will be used by all competitors and provided by the organisers. An option will be available for competitors in weight categories 57Kg and below to wear 14oz gloves if both competitors agree.

  • All boxers will wear open faced head guards provided by the organisers. No other head guards will be permitted.

  • All competitors should bring both a red and blue vest and t-shirt to correspond with the corner assigned to aid judges. If desired a plain t-shirt may be worn under the coloured vest.

  • Boxing shorts and boots or smooth soled trainers must be worn during the bout.

  • Boxers must wear an appropriate groin guard, and if females wish a breast protector is permitted. A properly fitted gumshield (any colour other than red or partial red) must be used.

  • No jewellery i.e. bracelet, rings, earrings or piercings can be worn whilst competing.

  • No glasses or hard contact lenses can be worn whilst boxing.

  • Long hair must be contained fully within the head guard.

  • Only plain water in an appropriate plastic container is permitted during the boxing contest.

  • A medical officer will be present at ringside throughout the competition.

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