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  • Safety and fairness for all competitors is paramount throughout the championship.

  • Competitors eligible for the men’s category includes cisgender men, gender diverse and non- binary athletes (assigned male at birth) and trans men who have been taking gender affirming testosterone hormone therapy for a period of at least 12 months or more.

  • Competitor eligible for the women’s category includes cisgender females, trans-woman who affirmed gender before puberty, gender diverse and non-binary athletes (assigned female at birth).

  • Trans-woman or gender diverse athletes who affirmed gender after puberty must compete in their own category.

  • Numbers permitting, consideration will be given to a separate category for trans males unwilling to compete against cisgender, gender diverse and non-binary athletes (assigned male at birth).

  • Blood test results of testosterone levels and regularity of tests will be required as evidence at time of medical.

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